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JonesGenealogy.com is geared toward anyone interested in Jones genealogy and family history. We also provide more general information for those just getting started with family history and genealogy.

Our site contains advice, tools, resources and much more. We also provide links to carefully screened products and information that we have tested and researched, and which we hope that you’ll find useful in your own genealogy research.

One aspect that we all share in common is an interest in finding out more about our own heritage and family history. Genealogy is an extremely worthwhile and rewarding hobby and your efforts will be greatly appreciated by generations to come.

For those just starting out, we provide a broad overview of genealogy research in our article at Genealogy and Family History Overview.

If you are interested in just getting started with creating a family tree, we provide free charts and basic information in our article Genealogy Charts, Forms and Outlines.

If you wish to search for your ancestors online, there are many online resources that you could use. One of the oldest online resources is Ancestry.comOpens New Window.

For the more experienced Jones genealogist, there is a great book titled, Welsh Family History – A Guide To Research which provides crucial information for anyone interested in researching ancestors that lived in Wales and the UKOpens New Window.

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