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Explore the origins and history of the Jones surname. Then find out how to get started with your own Jones family genealogy.

Creating your own online Jones family tree has never been easier! Use this free online tool to enter what you know about your family. Invite other family members to view and contribute to your online family tree.

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Tracing your family tree has never been easier! Use this online tool to search for your ancestors.

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Fun Articles about the Jones surname

    Ah, You Must Be A Jones Rachel Howells goes in hunt of Joneses, and finds out what the Jones surname has meant for Wales.

    Cardiff, Wales
    May 2008

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  • JONES, JONES, JONESOpens New Window - Wales is celebrating after setting a new Guinness World Record on Friday, 3 November 2006 by staging a mass get-together of 1,224 Joneses. Read more about this event at BBC NewsOpens New Window

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