Davy Jones – Baseball Player

As mentioned before, this past summer I made a trip I made to Cambria, WI – an area that my directly linked Jones ancestors settled in shortly after arriving from North Wales. While in Cambria, I attended the monthly Cambria-Friesland Historical Society meeting at which a native son, Davy Jones, was mentioned several times. The reason for this was that the town had been busy with commemorative events for Davy in both Cambria and Milwaukee, WI.

It just so happens that Davy Jones is a rather infamous major league baseball player who started his career with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1901. Most of his major league baseball days were spent with the Detroit Tigers though, where he played in the outfield along side Hall of Fame outfielders Ty Cobb and Sam Crawford. While with Detroit, Jones played in three World Series.

One of the more interesting tidbits about Davy Jones (other than his excellent baseball skills) was that he was part of a double steal, in which FIRST BASE was stolen. Now, if you know baseball well enough, then you know how puzzling this may sound. I mean after all, normally you’d have to start from home plate in order to steal first base, but a stolen first base did happen and you can read more about this rather interesting play at Wikipedia.

Another interesting tidbit of history that surrounded Davy Jones is the fact that although he was officially retired from major league baseball, he actually ended up making the last out in major league baseball before World War 1. You can read more about this unusual event on the Dan Holmes web site.

Lastly, there is also a bat manufacturing company started by his Great Grandson, Dave Jones, by the name of the Davy Jones Bat Company. Yet another example of Joneses that are leaving their marks in history!!